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The travel starts in Lima, by the Central highway. Once we leave Chosica, you can appreciate the impacting change in the landscapes, which will accompany us during the entire trip. The towns of Matucana and San Mateo are the gate to arrive to the top: “el abra de Anticona” (Anticona inlet), located to 4,818 meters above sea level. Ticlio is the highest point on the road. Since this amazing place, surrounded by snow and blue lakes it starts the downturn. We will arrive to La Oroya, an important mining center, place where we will take a side track to Tarma, so called “La Perla de Los Andes”. We continue the downturn by the oriental branch line of Los Andes, in direction to the High Jungle of Junín “Chanchamayo valley”.

We will appreciate from the highway, the green mountains and the spectacular waterfalls welcoming us. La Merced, capital of Chanchamayo, is a small city, with a warm climate, full of life and commerce, on the shores of the Chanchamayo river, at a height of 800 meters above sea level. Following the path we will arrive to Herrería Bridge (not enter to San Ramon), cross the bridge to reach the 104 km (Primax Chrismar tap as reference), the left side can see a big sign "Fundo San Jose”, enter that street and continue to front, finding our wonderful Lodge.


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ARRIVAL IN BUS (Terrestrial Terminal or bus 5 minutes from the Lodge)

Transfer Bus Station - Lodge S /. 25.00 (1 to 3 people) 

Transfers Lodge - Bus Station S /. 25.00 (1 to 3 people)

ARRIVAL BY PLANE (Airport to 2hrs and 40 minutes)

Transfer Jauja Airport - Lodge S /. 290.00 (1 to 3 people)
Transfer Lodge - Airport Jauja S /. 290.00 (1 to 3 people)
Transfer Mazamari Airport- Lodge S /. 350.00 (1 to 3 people)
Transfer Lodge - Mazamari Airport S /. 350.00 (1 to 3 people)

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