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The park incorporates the use of TIC's in generating tourism for the Fundo San Jose, as technological innovation and makes tourists, domestic and foreign, and virtually simulated experience these services.In this regard has been made available to our customers an application on iOS and Android platforms with the aim to serve as a reference guide for visitors to the interactive San Jose trails Ecological Park.

Our application has a first Welcome screen, image type, with pictures, photos and a brief description of the application.

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Free app, download from Google Play Store: Fundo San Jose

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Free app, download from App Store: Fundo San Jose

Once inside the app, it displays a first TAB "map" is a template of Google maps, where are located all numbered pints of interest. There are also buttons that show each of the routes and their descriptions. In addition, you can close the description pressing on it.

  • Mapa

We also found the TAB "Milestones," which shows the list of 25 landmarks, with a short description and their respective photo. By entering, you can see the image in larger, full description, a list of other milestones to select, where the distance is displayed in meters between two and a button "show map" showing the location of the milestone regarding the current location where the user is located.

  • Hitos

We find the TAB "Species" shows four icons: Plants, Insects, Birds and Mammals. Selecting one of them can go to your list, which contains a brief description and a photo, and selecting the species, is entered full description.

  • Especies

Finally we place the TAB "History", this shows the history of the family, lodge, images, description of the project and participating institutions.

  • Historia