Fundo San José is located in the Central Jungle of Peru, in the Junín region, Chanchamayo province and La Merced district, between 800 and 1000 masl, between the San José and Potoque streams. Being in the central jungle, it is one of the most accessible areas from Lima by road, going east. Biological diversity has become, in recent decades, the cornerstone of the development of the countries that own it, and today it is valued as a scarce resource and with highly increasing demands; it is a source for the manufacture of medicinal products (health, personal care, treatment of diseases, etc.); tourism for bird watching, scientific, energetic, medical and genetic research; for the extraction of material industrial inputs of different utility; and, above all, for the preservation of life on our planet (Rodríguez et al 2004, Fundación Conservación Internacional et al., 2007). A heritage highly valued throughout the world and well managed, can generate multiple dividends across the country to meet the complicated needs of the XXI century (Fundación Conservación Internacional et al., 2007). Many of these fragments are a refuge for many species of plants and animals, which due to their current situation are considered as sensitive species, and which are an important part of the national biodiversity and are also important for the local population (orchids and bushmeat), reasons why it is necessary to identify them and conservation, with a view to its sustainable management. The Natural Protected Areas present in the Central Selva and the relicts of important ecosystems, among which is the San José Farm, constitute a fundamental element for the conservation of biodiversity (Santos, 2013). The field work that allowed the The following information was compiled as part of the project "Development of a New Ecotourism Product that Allows the Use of Natural Resources of the Influence Area of ??the Hotel Fundo San José Eco logde in the province of Chanchamayo, Junín region "