The Fundo San José offers a wide variety of internal nature and adventure excursions. Walks in the forest, where you can observe beautiful butterflies and orchids. One of the best experiences is bird watching. You will also be able to share the different knowledge and views on its bio-diversity through an interactive experience. It also offers external excursions to visit: impressive waterfalls, visits to coffee plantations, the Asháninka Communities and the famous Sanctuary of the Gallito de las Rocas.


Entrance to the Ecological Park S/. 5.00
entrance fee for guests only.
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Our Ecological Park includes the following areas to visit:

1. Interpretation Center
The CI is an interactive space whose purpose is to offer visitors a unique experience, where they can learn in a playful way about the natural heritage of the San José Estate and the Central Forest.

2. Zoocriadero de Sajinos- Pecari Tajacu
To preserve this species we have implemented a hatchery, where you can observe the sajinos in various phases of their growth.

3. Orchids
Most representative varieties found in the Farm.

4. Bird Watching Tower
Special place for bird watching, an unbeatable experience for specialists and amateurs.
Restriction: Minors may only enter in the company of an adult.

5. Craft Wardrobe
Exhibition and sale of local crafts, product of our work with the San Miguel Centro Marankiari Native Community and residents of the Pampa del Carmen urbanization. You will also find products made with the best of the Fundo’s harvest, souvenirs and coffee.

6. Restaurant.
To enjoy our excellent gastronomy and the best view of the Chanchamayo valley.

7. Potoque Zone – The Tree of Life
The Spirit of the Forest: Tree that synthesizes in its deep roots the strength of our love for nature and our will to conserve it.

8. Reforestation Zone
Space where the importance of the rescue and conservation work of the Fundo San José primary forest is shown.

9. Viewpoint 2 – Kimiri Mountains
From where you will appreciate the majestic entrance of the Chanchamayo river towards the city of La Merced and, at sunrise, the sunrise through the Kimiri mountains.

10. Way of the Mangoes
Alameda of mangoes planted by Antonio Tremolada in 1940 and which today is home to a great variety of birds and butterflies.

11. Mirador San José
Located in the tutelary hill that gives its name to the Estate, where you can fully appreciate the city of La Merced, the Chanchamayo river and the crops of the Kimiri mountain.

12. Mirador San Fernando
It marks the north of the Fundo, from there you will see the access to the Carmen stream and also a side view of the city of La Merced.

13. Path of the Chontas
Bactris gasipaes
Alameda formed by palm trees that are highly valued for their exquisite and delicate bark, known as ‘palmito’.
This is a perfect place to appreciate Barn Owls – Pulstrix Melanota.

14. Local Trees and Flowers Nursery.
You will find a variety of heliconias, bamboo, coconut trees and timber trees.

15. Bamboo Forest
You will find a variety of heliconias, bamboo, coconut trees and timber trees.

16. Citrus Sowing
Variety of oranges, sweet limes, lemons, tangelo, grapefruit, Chinese orange among others.

17. Sowing Exotic Fruits
Variety of carambola, taperibá, cashew, custard apple, star apple, arazá, bananas, guava among others.

Our Ecological Park offers 3 Adventure Routes:

ROUTE 1: Citrus and fruits
This tour passes through the areas of citrus crops, the sajinos farm and the path of the chontas. Various species of fruit birds and many fruit trees can be spotted. It offers a good view of birds at sunrise and sunset, from the lookout tower.

ROUTE 2: Potoque: The spirit of the forest
Discover the oldest tree in the farm, the ‘Potoque’, which is more than 200 years old and enjoy a panoramic view of La Merced and the Chanchamayo river, resting at the San José viewpoint.

ROUTE 3: The route of challenge and adventure
This route crosses 3 streams and allows you to enter the thickest parts of the forest, enjoying the sounds of the nature that surrounds it.


Activities at the Farm

PLANT A TREE ‘Let’s plant a tree in Chanchamayo’ – 2 hours
Activity carried out for the reforestation of our forest and consists of going to one of our reforestation areas and with the help of an Agronomist Engineer, the visitor can plant a tree. The participant will receive a Planting Certificate.

Price per person: S /. 20.00